Single's V-Day Here We Come

    How to Spend V-Day If You're Single

By: Emma Dowd


    Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be exclusively for couples, self love is just as important on this day of mushy gifts and heartfelt monologues. Spending V-day alone can be hard, especially when the people around you are in relationships. If it’s your first time in years that your valentine is yourself, here are some ways to enjoy yourself.

    Seeing Valentine’s day festivities thrown in your face all day long can be a bit nauseating, so spending the day alone can be a great way to pass the time until the snapchat stories of red roses have disappeared.

  1.     Buy yourself a new sex toy. Websites like and have a wide array of toys to use alone or with a partner. Do some research to find out what you’re looking for. Their best sellers include bullet, g-spot, and rabbit vibrators.
  2.     Write yourself a love letter. Look in the mirror and remind yourself of all the reasons there are to love you. From your appearance to your mind, you are gorgeous, and there is no one you need to hear that from more than yourself. Once the self love starts flowing, keep that same energy until the clock strikes February 15, and then keep the love going.
  3.     Pamper your skin with a spa night. Draw a bath or take a steamy shower and take care of yourself from the outside in. Don’t forget to laugh at yourself in the mirror while a face mask disguises you. Once your skin is glowing and your hair is silky, it’s hard for the love to simmer down.
  4.     Buy your favorite wine and chocolates. Who said your partner is the only one who can buy you a heart shaped box of chocolates? They’ll probably get the wrong kind anyway!
  5.     Have a netflix binge of the show no one wants to watch with you. We all have our guilty pleasure, and while your friends are intertwined with their lovers is the perfect time to finally finish the season you’ve been dying to get through.
  6.     Hook up with someone new! Rev up Bumble and find someone with similar intent nearby. When hooking up with someone new for the first time always keep their comfort in your mind. Make sure you ask what they’re okay with and maybe use your new toy together.
  7.     Celebrate Galentine’s Day! Your other single friends need love too, and Valentine’s day is the perfect reason to remind your friends what you love about them. Invite them over to share face maks and wine while watching a film starring your celebrity crush. Being single with friends is better than being single and sitting alone scrolling through your instagram feed of “Happy Valentine’s Day babe!” posts.


    At the end of the day, Valentine’s is just another day, you can play it up or down however much you want to, but don’t forget that just because you don’t have a bae this year, doesn’t mean you aren’t loved.