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Creative Ways to Stay Awake Without Caffeine

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. John's chapter.

As college students, we are always tempted to get that venti cup of coffee every time we start an assignment or a paper that was procrastinated for days. It’s normal, it has become a habit that makes us feel motivated or accomplished. Nonetheless, caffeine can really be harmful to your body when consuming big amounts and can have effects such as migraines, anxiety, and restlessness. No worries, there are plenty of ways to stay awake and complete all those assignments without caffeine; and no, it won’t require toothpicks to keep your eyes open.                 

  1. Nutritious snacks

Having a healthy snack throughout the day can really boost your energy and overall help you maintain focus. It is an effective way of staying healthy and having the right nutrients in your body that can improve your performance throughout the day. Some awesome nutritious and tasty snacks are bananas, oatmeal, green tea, and almonds or walnuts.

  1. Cold shower

A cold shower can truly work wonders and immediately give you a boost. It activates feel good hormones and it keeps your body on high alert. A cold shower is a jumpstart to your metabolism and gives you energy right away. Whenever I feel tired or have no energy, I always like to wash my face with cold water for 2-3 minutes. It gives me a sense of waking up again, and it makes me feel refreshed. Plus, cold water can be great for your skin. It can give your skin a smoother touch, tighten pores, and reduce redness. 

  1. Listen to music

Listening to feel good songs is a great way to keep your energy going and stay awake. Having a good playlist is essential and adding all your favorite songs that you can connect to can help you feel your very best (I can’t go about my day without earphones). It definitely makes me feel a lot better and awake whenever I feel too tired. Additionally, it can even help you be more motivated and focused which is a great bonus!

  1. Watch a comedy

Watching anything that can make you laugh can help you reduce stress that triggers restlessness. Having lower stress levels can bring your energy and focus higher. Taking a quick break and watching or doing anything that will help you feel best, can work wonders in your day. 

  1. Call someone

Reaching out to someone that you can talk to can help you stay awake and motivated. Giving a friend or a family member a call and simply just talking over the phone and catching up, can be helpful in the way that you’re able to listen and engage in a meaningful conversation and devote your energy and focus to something that can boost your mood. 

  1. Dance/stretch your body

Simply moving your body or taking a walk can help you stay awake. Dancing is a great way to use your body and release endorphins. It also reduces levels of stress and will make you feel happier. Stretching out or quickly working out in the morning can shape your day to feel productive, motivated, and energized. This is one of my favorite ways to start my day or pick myself up when I feel down.

  1. Hydrate                   

Now, hydration is key! Drinking more water helps you stay awake and have more energy. If you don’t properly hydrate throughout the day, then it will make you have no energy and feel more tired. 

Be sure to try these tips!

Melody Melo

St. John's '23

Hi! I'm Melody Melo I'm currently a sophomore at St. John's University and I'm majoring in legal studies with a minor in French. I love learning about different cultures and adventuring. I’m interested in philosophy and arts, and I enjoy expressing myself through my writing and style.