Easy Looks to Achieve Every Morning

Getting dressed? For class? LAUGHABLE. When it comes to the last couple of years someone is spending in college almost no upperclassmen is trying to dress to impress. For my senior fashionistas out there it is common knowledge that you don’t waste your best fits on your 10am class. Living in a major capital of fashion like New York  there are simply some go to looks that every girl on the go needs in her arsenal. After living here and europe for a few years these are ten outfits that are required to have:


  1. All Black Chic

There is a difference between looking like you arrived straight out of your emo stage in 2009 and looking like you own a Rolls Royce. Having a nice black sweater and blouse is something that everyone needs in their closet not only because it is easy to whip out for class but it is so easy to pair with just about anything. To complete this outfit you need nice skirt, to go under a dress or you guessed it a nice pair of black jeans or pants. Throw in a black bootie and some sunglasses if you please. Super easy chic outfit for class, a museum or an internship.

2.  Clean Sneaks and Graphic Tee

In the last few years graphic tees have fallen in an out of style, which is really due to how bummy celebs choose to dress that year. We are in the time of basics and nothing is wrong with that. Not everyone has time time to pair that nice top with the perfect shoes, so here we are doing it for you. Any kind of tee with a nice logo or graphic design is an easy way to get not only ready for class but compliments as well. The go to for most has been distressed band tees with a pair of sneaks of their choice. Adidas, Slip-on Vans, High top Converse or even a nice pair of Nikes are usually the out lookers for style. Recently though a lot of fashionistas have been going to smaller brands for more unique looks, really the choice is yours.


3. Wooly Warm Look

Something that a bunch of bloggers as well as people in fashion have been stressing to younger people is investing in a wool coat sooner rather than later. Not only are Wool coats warm, but the look good with just about anything underneath them. A wool coat creates an aesthetic that you care about how you look, but not too much. Add a large scarf that can hang as well as some jeans, it won’t matter what else you have on because your look is set. If you can’t afford to sell out for a brand new coat, highly recommend thrifting and looking for them at a lower cost through websites like Thred Up.


There are plenty of ways that you can keep you style game in check and defintely a lot of easy ways to get inspiration. Some places to look for cute and easy ideas is checking college style accounts. These have fun looks that are easily achieveable, also hashtags should become your best friend. By following a hashtag you have access to looks from all over the world.