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7 Struggles All Overachievers Will Understand

Overachievers try to make the most out of life and the opportunities that are presented to him.  While this is a great thing, it also leads to so many aggravating struggles that every overachiever can relate to, and a lot of stress from biting off more than you can chew.

1.You have no free time

At the end of the week when everyone is going out, sometimes (most times) you need to stay in to get your work done, which you don’t mind, because the end goal is more valuable than the time you’re spending on whatever project you’re working on.  However, your friends sometimes start to get aggravated that you’re a little unavailable.  But don’t be upset that they get frustrated – they just love you and want to hang out!

2.That feeling of failure when you don’t get the results you want

Whether it’s for a test or for a position that you’re running for, if you don’t meet your goal, it feels like your life is over.  While a B is, by no means, a bad grade, it’s not that A you’re accustomed to and worked really hard for!  Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, and no matter the degree of your success, it still doesn’t feel like you did enough.

3.You’re extremely competitive

Sometimes your competitive nature rubs people the wrong way, because you have to be the best at everything.

4.Group projects make you want to die

You’re a perfectionist, so EVERYTHING HAS TO BE PERFECT.  You’re unwilling to rely on others to do their part because you’re always worried that it won’t be up to your extremely high standards.

5.You have so many interests that it’s hard to narrow down life decisions

Being awesome at everything has its drawbacks!  Fortunately for the sake of your sanity, it’s impossible to quadruple major.  Sometimes, you like so many things that it’s hard to pick what you want to do with your life in fear of making the wrong choice.  But if you do what you love, there’s no way you won’t succeed!

6.You just can’t understand why other people don’t work as hard as you

You’ve earned all of your successes and learned from all of your wins and losses. Sometimes it’s hard for you to grapple with the concept of people putting in minimal effort.  The worst is when these people complain about the little work that they do have, while you’re drowning in a packed schedule.

7.You live in a constant state of stress

With a full schedule – including class, work, internships, extracurriculars, and making time to eat and shower (sleep does not exist) – you never have time to stop and take a breather.  Make that time for yourself, though, so you don’t go crazy! Taking twenty minutes for yourself to relax and wind down each day is extremely beneficial for your mental, emotional, and physical help.

Keep making the most out of life, fellow overachievers.  Don’t forget to take a deep breath and make room for some “me” time!

Kaylee Navarra is currently a junior at St. John's Univeristy and is a double major in English and Government & Politics.  Upon graduation, she plans on going to law school.  She is a proud sister of Theta Phi Alpha.  Additionally, she loves traveling, and spent this past spring studying abroad in Rome, Italy.  Her obsession with Harry Potter is very real, to the point where it is borderline unhealthy.  She is a pumpkin spice aficionado, an avid New York Rangers fan, and she's basically Taylor Swift.
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