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College can be some of the most exciting, liberating and amusing years of your adult life. From meeting hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds to joining every organization that sparks your interest, college gives you the opportunity to live your social life to its fullest. And, with your newly found freedom away from home, you can finally dive head-first into your own life at your own discretion. Yet, while living your best college life, prioritizing the safety of your actual life must always come first

Continue reading for five tips on staying safe in college. 


You may not be in grammar school anymore, but when it comes to your safety, the buddy system never goes out of style. Whether you’re heading out to explore the city, hang with friends, or cram for exams, traveling with some of your trusted buddies can make you less vulnerable to outside dangers. So, instead of going places alone, call up your buddies! Then, go together, stay together, and leave together. 


Yes, carrying around a tracking device (a.k.a. a smartphone) can be a little creepy. But it can also keep you safe. Sharing your location with your most trusted friends and family members allows them to watch over you as you navigate a good time out. They may not be guardian angels, but at least they’ll know where to find you in case of an emergency.  


Read the room. Read the street. Read the car. Read everything that surrounds you! When you observe your surroundings, you give yourself the chance to eliminate the dangers lurking in your blind spots. Remember, the safest person in the room is always the most observant. 


From your drink to your debit card, the more control you have over your belongings, the more control you have over your safety. By limiting the access others have to your personal belongings, you also limit your chances of experiencing harm. So, lock up your important personal documents (i.e., your cards and ids), serve yourself your own food/drinks, and never drink from a cup after you put it down or walk away from it. 


Deep down you just know when something isn’t right for you. That party you’re getting ready to go to. That car you’re about to get in. That dark street you’re about to walk down. Oftentimes, your intuition will tell you when something, someone, or somewhere just isn’t your safe zone. All you have to do is listen to yourself. Never be afraid to listen to your gut, it only wants to keep you safe

It’s true. The college you went into debt to attend should be a safe place for you. As should the world that you live in. Unfortunately, it’s also true that “should be” does not mean “is”. So, you have to proactively strive to keep yourself safe. While this list can’t guarantee that you’ll live a harmless college life, these tips can help you keep yourself safe.

Yaminah Smith

St. John's '22

Yaminah is a senior at St. John’s University studying Journalism and Sociology. She loves writing everything from brief motivational quotes to detailed narrations. With each word, she hopes to inspire and guide people all over the world towards improvement.
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