5 Female YouTubers You'll Love

1. Strive to Fit


Jamie has been the biggest source of youtube study inspiration I've come across, and especially if you're pre-med you NEED to check her out. 


2. Minnie Small


Minnie has some of the most mesmerizing videos, her art is out of this world. 


3. Lavendaire 


Also an art channel, but equally lifestyle/advice vlogs, this girl is so amazing. 


4. Siena Mirabella 


She's an A+ youtube personality if you're looking to giggle and get inspired to live your sassiest, fullest life- this is your gal. 


5. Hannah Whitton 


Okay, this girl is breaking down sexual stigmas right and left, and you've got to check out her channel to get all your sex questions answered. It doesn't hurt that she's hella charming.