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The Driskill Hotel:

The Driskill Hotel is one of the most famous haunted places in Austin. Located at 604 Brazos Street and built in 1886, it is located in downtown Austin and is easily accessible to the public even though it is a hotel. While the hotel is extremely beautiful and definitely a place you should visit, it is one hundred and thirty two years old so that means that there are a lot of ghosts that could potentially be haunting this building.

Littlefield Home:

Located near the UT campus, the Littlefield Home was built in a gothic style after the Civil War. The gothic appearance of the house makes the house seem haunted, especially at night, and there have been reports of items mysteriously moving from one room to another.

Oakwood century annex:

The Oakwood Annex Cemetery is the first cemetery to be owned by the city of Austin which also makes it the oldest cemetery in the Austin area. A lot of prominent Austin figures, like George Littlefield, were buried here.

St. Edward’s University:

From being an old campus there has to be a lot of ghost stories, and there are. This campus is one of the places that has the most ghost and haunting stories in Austin. From the ghost of a brother who got run over by a horse cart to the many ghosts that haunt the Mary Moody Northen Theatre.



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