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I wake up, to the morning,

Realize I miss you;

A realization that surprises me.


The missing is more an ache

Stretching across spaces.


Others filled the place left,

Only, I was never looking for a replacement.


Palm to palm,

Soul to soul.


The sparkle of the days we spent together

Will always belong to you.


We sang rain, rain, please go away.

The sun’s here now,

You’ve gone away.


I know your smile,

Jokes only we laughed at, between cupped hands.

Dreams in between blowing bubbles,

Secrets stored away that bear your name.


I miss you,

With an ache that grows.

My friend,

Sometimes I wish you’d thought to stay.

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Jenny Yau

St Andrews

I'm Jenny Yau, 19 and from Hong Kong. Reading, writing poetry and watching tv are my main obsessions. I am sometimes mistaken for a hermit, but I'm friendly once you get to know me :p
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