Top 5 Most Useful Apps

I’d like to think we’ve evolved from the days when having a lightsaber app or one that simulated the emptying of a beer can as you titled your iPhone was of the utmost importance. To help the move onto bigger and better things, i’ve listed my favourite apps below.

1. Whatsapp: Better than imessenger and FaceBook messenger combined, choose your own personal background and be assured that you will receive all your messages as soon as you have Internet available.

2. Free prints: Literally lets you print photos from your phone for free (only charging for delivery)

3. Strava: for when you decide to get off your butt and actually do some exercise! Strava lets you see how far your friends have run as well as telling you how far you’ve managed to drag yourself.

4. Spotify: All your favourite tunes on one app and for free (if you don’t mind shuffling your songs).

5. Unidays: Gives you updates on all the latest student discounts and displays your student ID as proof when you get to the till.