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Ten Fabulous Brunch Ideas

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St. Andrews chapter.

Brunch is my favourite meal of the day as it is in between breakfast and lunch, meaning that you get to have extra meals which always is the best! My friends and I started a brunch club each Saturday morning in which we alternate among peoples’ houses and help to ease our hangovers. We gossip, chat about old music and movies, and general try to bridge the cultural divide seperating Americans, Canadians, and the British. Mainly, however, we talk about our favourite thing: FOOD.

I have not had my turn yet to host brunch, so I wanted to look up some inspiration online. Here is what I found: 

1.       Scotch pancakes

I know, I have talked about these before: I apologise, but they are just so YUMMY! They also have unlimited combinations of delicious sides including: ice cream, strawberries, blueberries, maple syrup, and golden syrup! We are in Scotland after all, so you should bet your scotch on!

2.       English breakfast/Scottish breakfast

Not much to say except that it’s THE ULTIMATE BREAKFAST.

3.       Granola and Smoothies

For all those health nuts out there, granola and homemade smoothies are both great options. Especially as an attempt to counterbalance a hangover. Check out Deliciously Ella’s blog for a whole host of delicious and super healthy recipes such as buckwheat and ginger granola.

4.       Bagels with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

You are in Scotland. Smoked salmon is not only a national cuisine but also, I might venture to say, the best of the Scottish cuisine. Combine with homemade bagels, scrambled eggs, and perhaps a bit of avocado for ultimate drooling.

5.       Breakfast muffins

Again, can be super healthy or super not. Diversity is good!

6.       Eggs Benedict

Just plain YUM. Also, eggs in all other forms such as eggs and soldiers, boiled eggs, and poached eggs are equally as YUM. Nom nom nom. In fact, someone recently revealed to me that they even put scrambled eggs on their porridge. You gotta respect that.

7.       Cereal

Check out The Cereal Blogger for inspiration and a guide to the best cereals around. For example, just yesterday I was reminiscing about Golden Nuggets.

8.       Croissants, Pain au chocolat, Coffee, Orange juice… à the continental.

Go the European way with black coffee and pastry in all its wonderful forms, especially after the recent controversy over shaped croissants!

9.       Waffles

With chocolate, ice-cream, and lots of syrup. I know it feels very American (apparently they also put chicken on their waffles – I’m not sure what they are trying to prove), but sometimes you just have to deal.

10.   Avocado on toast

Avocado is literally the best thing. Mashed up with tomato, a little onion, lime, and salt and pepper is just the dream. 

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