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The sun is about to sizzle as the students fizzle out of St Andrews. With the short amount of sunlight we get here during the semesters, we must learn how to best take advantage of it.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of the best activities to do in sunny St Andrews. 

Picnic in St Mary’s Quad: 

I think we can all collectively agree that St Mary’s quad is one of the most picturesque places on campus. The old university buildings, the holm oak tree in the center, and the flowers blooming and decorating the grass—the atmosphere is unmatched. The only thing that’s missing is a picnic blanket, your friends, and some delicious food: finger sandwiches, chocolate-covered strawberries, and lemonade—and there you go! Now, sit back and enjoy the UV rays with your girlfriends. 

Trip to the Botanic Gardens: 

The botanic gardens are the hidden gem of St Andrews. If staring at your computer screen for too long in the spiritless main library becomes a little bit jarring, the perfect place to take a long study break are the botanic gardens. Allow yourself to become immersed in the natural world of flowers, leaves, and the sound of crickets singing. Bring your shades, some sunscreen, and an iced coffee, and rejuvenate from the endless hours of studying. 

Road Trip: 

If you have a car, free bus travel, or train fare, definitely take a sunny day to explore the cute towns next to St Andrews. Whether it is Elie, Cupar, or my favorite – Anstruther, the scenery outside St Andrews is to die for.  The multicolored fishermen’s houses, the MOST delicious ice cream shop, as well as the mouthwatering fish and chips I have ever had in my life – and that says a lot as I am from Glasgow – I had in Anstruther from ‘The Wee Chippy.’ It is a must-visit for a cute sunny weekend with your friends. 

Coffee, Coffee, and More Coffee: 

One thing about this town is that you can never escape the coffee shops. There are always options to choose from: Whether you enjoy the perks of a pret subscription or are prone to a spoiled life iced latte – you will always be caffeinated. There’s nothing better than grabbing an iced oat vanilla latte with your friends on a hot summer’s day and taking a walk by the scores or sitting outside a cafe capturing the sun. Buying an iced coffee in a sunny St Andrews is when you know that the doom and gloom of winter is gone.

Afternoon tea: 

Grab your friends and nicest dresses, and book an afternoon tea experience at the Rusacks. The freshly baked scones, champagne, and sweet treats make it a glamorous event – perfect for your Instagram feed. But the absolutely breathtaking views from the restaurant make it a 10/10 experience. The sun blasts as you devour your finger sandwiches, laughing and watching the waves crash into the shore… does it get more St Andrews than that? 

Take a walk: 

I am sure that you have heard it all before…. ‘Let’s go for a walk,’ and you end up walking to the same place 1000 times. However, despite being a fan of the forest, like Lady Braes’s walk and a nice beach walk on the west sands, my new favorite trail can be found on the southeast of St Andrews. Put on your best walking shoes, grab some snacks, and get ready to get lost in the abyss of horses, farm shops, and cows. It is the most beautiful and relaxing experience, where you can collect your thoughts and actually appreciate the beauty of studying in St Andrews. 

Bonfire on the beach: 

Of course, I’ve saved the best for last: Bonfire season is officially back in full swing!! Grab some firewood, XXL marshmallows, beers, and some blankets, all in good company, and watch the sun go down as you cuddle up with your besties- this is the epitome of a sunny St Andrews. 

Lila Piotrowska

St. Andrews '26

Hey I'm Lila! I am currently a second-year student at St Andrews, studying Classical Studies and English. In my free time you can find me shopping, reading, pretending to be a rockstar at open mics and of course drinking lots of coffee :)