Birthdays: Alternative Present Ideas

Presents are always hard. I usually go for flowers, but what do you give to people who already have everything? And are very fussy? ARGHHH, first world problems! Here are some alternative ideas to let them know you care:

1.       Bake a cake

Here at Her Campus St Andrews, we <3 food- especially cake. We have tons of recipes for you to be inspired by including carrot cake, chocolate cake, and if you want to go for it, this celebration cake. NOMNOMNOM

2.       Make a playlist

Burn a cd of all their favourite songs or maybe songs that you think have special meaning to your relationship with that person.  If you are super creative/romantic you could write a song for your friend. Ellie Golding did it with her recent song Army about her best friend Lucy, so why can’t you?

3.       Make a collage

You can just put a picture in a frame or go all the way and make a collage. Check this one out!

4.      Make some candles

This is perfect for the person who already has everything!

5.       Create homemade coupons

This includes coupons for tea, cooking supper, and ice cream!

6.       Food = always a winner

Make a dish for them and put it in Tupperware boxes to put in the freezer. For some inspiration, check out here….


7.       Make homemade mugs

Buy some mugs from amazon, and draw on them with sharpies!

8.       If you can’t find anything else... alcohol is the answer!