9 Reasons You Should Come to the Fife Food Fesival

Next week is RAG Week! For all you Freshers that means a week of raising and giving to charity. A whole array of societies and charities are getting involved by providing some fantastic and diverse events including Catwalk, visiting the Zoo, and a screen-printing workshop. Check out RAG’s Facebook page for more information.

In my opinion, one of the highlights of RAG week is the Fife Food Festival.

It is taking place on the 31st of January from 11-5pm in Younger Hall. Here are the reasons why you should definitely attend!

1. Food. Duh.

2. It's a guilt-free weekend activity. It’s the first week, and you don’t have any work you need to do nor any work you should feel guilty about avoiding. St Andrews is a small town – make the most of the events going on.

3. The event has great alliteration: Fife Food Festival – who doesn’t love a great literary device?!

4. The festival is for charity. This year the money raised from the festival will be donated to two food based charities, Mary’s Meals and FareShare.

5. Who can resist a raffle? Prizes are almost equivalent to the recent national lottery win... not quite but almost. 

6. Samplers. Being able to not only try but then also buy and indulge in some of the best food and drink Scotland has to offer. Tablet is a miracle food. 

7. You know it’s not a cool event unless you can acquire a tote bag. Fear not, you can purchase your very own, stylish Fife Food Festival tote bag. This will definitely give you some library cred.

8. The festival is in town, specifically in Younger hall. Thus, you don’t have to walk far. Also – you need to have a positive experience in Younger Hall, so that the next time you are sitting there taking an exam you can think back to all the amazing food you were able to enjoy. 

9. There are loads of cool events and demonstrations taking place. There will be a Hams Hame demonstration and a cocktail demonstration from the Fairmont hotel