5 Ways to Make Your Student Room Feel Like Home

With the social media furor around student housing in St Andrews (or lack of) at the moment those of us lucky enough to have secured accommodation for next year are drawing a huge sigh of relief. With student protests being organized and Facebook full status’ as to why year after year so many students are left with having to endure the agony of months of not knowing where they will live, or being forced to return to halls as they have had no luck. I think we all know the frustration we feel against estate agents who flippantly discard our carefully complied applications after announcing that every house is gone, and the only one left is a £700 month flat that has mould covering every wall and a temperamental boiler.  However there is light at the end of the tunnel! Her Campus would love to give some advice on how to create a warm homely atmosphere, (even with the presence of are old friend Mr Mould!) that can completely transform the drabness of the interior of our student squats that we call home for the year. 


1. Flowers

Her Campus St Andrews was lucky enough to receive this beautiful bouquet of flowers from Blossoming Gifts as a Valentines Day treat! I placed the bouquet in our hall, and every person who has entered since has commented on their beauty! Flowers are a great and inexpensive way of uplifting a room, and they smell wonderful!  We even have a 30% discount code from Blossoming Gifts for those wanting to be uber frugal! So go and order yours today with HERCAMPUS30.


2. Photos

My inbox is always filling up with emails from Photobox or Snapfish about their latest offers. It normally costs around 10p per photo to print so for a £1 you could truly brighten up your room! Print some photos of friends and family, or follow my choice of previous summer holidays – so I always have a constant reminder of something to look forward too! Postcards and inspirational articles from magazines are great also as it always adds a bit of color and aspiration! 



3. Fragrance Candles

I live with all girls and as you can imagine we are all obsessed with wonderfully scented candles! I know they can be a bit costly (especially the newly opened Jo Malone on Bell Street) but Primark and Amazon always have great deals, and they really do transform an atmosphere of any room and hide any unwanted smells kindly left behind by past tenants!


4. Brightly Coloured Calenders

If you are anything like me and your life is always running just five minutes late, a large hanging calendar is a great way to stay on track with looming deadlines and meetings! Plus they are great to hang on your wall for that extra piece of decoration!


5. Beautiful Bed linen

Whenever I am force myself to spend a day in the library I dream about finally returning home and snuggling down in bed engulfed by a beautiful array of freshly washed bed linen! I am not sure if this is your dream too but it is definitely one that you can make a reality! Again, for those on a budget Debenhams and M&S do some lovely bed linen that can lighten up a room and that will definitely help you to get the eight hours of beauty sleep (or ten if you are anything like me!) that you need to get to the that nine o’clock lecture tomorrow morning!