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Why Everyone Should Try O2 MAX Fitness


What are the must-haves for the best Spring Break ever? Plenty of alcohol (if you’re of age), snacks, sunscreen, cute bathing suits, and, most important, a rockin’ bikini bod. I’ll be the first to say that college is hard on our bodies. Between alcohol weight, late-night pizza deliveries, Insomnia cookies, and just over-eating in general, I’ve learned that freshman weight gain is most definitely a real thing.

Luckily, there are fitness companies out there that have been specifically designed with college students in mind. My personal favorite has to be O2 MAX Fitness. For just $10, they will provide you with daily workouts, a nutrition guide, inspirational tips, and more! You don’t need a gym membership or large workout facility; you can do the moves literally anywhere you want. If you’re looking for more, when you pay $20 a month, you can receive custom workouts, gain access to trainers and coaches, and benefit from other membership perks as well! 

Thanks to O2 MAX Fitness, I got to try out their 10-Day Spring Break Tune Up for free. Each day, I was sent 3-4 easy exercises that target 3 main areas of the body: abs, arms, and legs. To get even more results, I usually preceded these with a workout of my own at Strom Fitness Center. With moves like lateral lunges for strong legs, rotating planks for killer abs, and push-ups for toned arms, I was surprised after each workout. I loved being able to change up my regimen each day, so I never felt bored with my workout. 

Even though Spring Break is over; summer is just around the corner, with more bikini-clad days in store! Check out O2 Max Fitness’s other customized fitness programs like The Accelerator at their website, o2maxfitness.com. While you’re there, read about healthy lifestyle and exercise tips on their blog, like 5 Reasons to Get Spring Break Ready with Spring Break Tune Up and 9 Ways to Stay Fit Over Spring Break

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