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They say love is a powerful emotion;

Able to manipulate the mind

And the heart to be joined to another.

It enables us to understand

Truly what it means to be in another’s shoes.

When two hearts are made one,

It is a beautiful thing.

Each connection is composed of delicate stitches

That each holds a fiber

That holds the two hearts together.

It is a feeling that no person should have to live without,

For, love is stronger than hate,

And connects people on a deeper level than friendship.

Love is selective,

Which is why I am grateful to have been chosen by you,

And you alone.

Before we met,

I never knew what it meant to want something so badly,

More than anything in the world;

To just wake up and know everything will be alright

Because you’ll be by my side.

Never have I missed anyone so much that

My soul feels incomplete when they’re absent;

I don’t feel whole unless you’re by my side.


Such a strange emotion,

Weird, some may say,

But I don’t mind;

If I’m with you,

I know I am in the right place;

I was always meant to be, In your arms,

So you could hold my heart and my hand

For all eternity.

Alyssa Clark

South Carolina

Alyssa Clark, born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been a writer her whole life. Ever since she could pick up a pencil her ideas have been as limitless as her imagination. Recently her work has won several awards, including second place in the North East Texas Writer’s Organization Teen Short Story Contest as well as first place in The University of South Carolina’s Honor’s Day Prose Contest. Alyssa is a passionate writer and has been working on her current work in progress, “The Queen of Light,” for over six years now. She is currently a sophomore at the University of South Carolina studying Biochemistry and Molecular biology.
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