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USC Fashion Series: Madison Pease, Fashion Designer

Meet Madison Pease, our latest feature in the HCSC fashion series. Madison is a recent graduate with a degree in management who has a love of fashion and has plans to become a designer.

Her Campus South Carolina: Dream job?

Madison Pease: To become a fashion designer who advocates for change through art on the runway.

HCSC: How long have you been a designer?

MP: I have been drawing inspiration and sketching for as long as I can remember, even dating back to kindergarten.

HCSC: What made you want to start getting into design?

MP: I have always had a passion for women’s clothing and the lifestyle that encompasses fashion. Designing is a good outlet for me and a creative way to express myself.

HCSC: Do you have a fashion company?

MP: I do not have my own company, but through one of my courses at USC, small business, and the graduation with leadership distinction program. I have created a business model that I plan on implementing one day. It involves generating relations with women in developing countries and creating a unique product with the skills and handiwork they use on a daily basis. I will be able to teach them how to turn a profit on these items and materials. This will give women the opportunity to provide for their families and be a part of impacting change.

HCSC: What fashion/retail experience do you have?

MP: EXPRESS Student Brand Ambassador, Kate Spade New York Sales Associate, The Fat and Skinny on Fashion intern, Steel Garden intern, 2017 Student Designer Showcase winner, Market research for Belks Omni Channel through a Retail Promotion course, Fashion Board member, HRSM Student Ambassador.

HCSC: What are your plans for designing in the future?

MP: I plan on attending Central Saint Martins in London to continue my education in fashion design. I intend on staying in Europe to work onside with designers and eventually, become a designer and make my own work.

“I am in love with traveling to new places/countries and learning about other cultures, it is where I gather a lot of my design inspiration. I try to lead an adventurous life and “do the thing you’re supposed to do in the place you’re supposed to do it” – a motto by Kristin Newman, author of What I Was Doing While you Were Breeding, a Memoir. (highly recommend).”

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