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Press on nails seem like something that we used to wear when we were, like, 6, but I promise you that they’re still relevant now and I encourage you to just give them a try. After using them for the last month, and making a decision against going to a nail salon for acrylics, I am ready to share my thoughts.

In most press on nail kits you usually get nail glue, a file, and a stick for your cuticles. You also are able to know exactly what design, length, and texture you are buying. I take that as a total plus because I have some real horror stories from visiting many different salons. I usually pay around $10 per pack that I buy, which comes with a bunch of different sizes. That’s a lot better than paying around $50 every two to three weeks for a fill that hurts to get taken off.

Another thing that I love about press ons is that if you want them for a special event, they are pretty easy to take off whenever you are done. I work in a career that is very hands on so if I go somewhere for the weekend and just want my nails to have some love, it is such a great idea to go with press on nails so I can take them off by Monday morning. 

As far as the cons, well, they are Press On Nails, and cheaper for a reason. I swear I always get glue everywhere around the edges, but luckily it’s an easy clean up if you’re careful. Another con is that sometimes some brands don’t have the best sizes. I try to stick with Kiss or Static Nails for my main brands. Static Nails is a personal favorite, but Kiss is a great drugstore brand (which you can also find on Amazon).

If you have a job like me where you get your hands wet often, it can also make it to where the glue is not as sticky and they will fall off or pop off a lot quicker. But for $10, it’s totally worth a shot.

I have tried all sorts of brands, and to narrow it down, the Kiss Gel Fantasy Sculpted Nail linked above is my favorite. They have a nice feel and weight, and are matte without paying an extra $10 for the top coat. Plus, the matte top coat stays the entire 10-14 days of wear that is promised. 

I really suggest going out and buying a pack and just trying it out for a few days! There is hardly any commitment other than the $10 and a few minutes of focus with your nails! Give your nails some love without making your wallet sad.

Phia Martin

South Carolina '22

Sophia is an Advertising major who loves writing, her dog Ryder, chai lattes, and writing content. She is beyond excited to see where she can lead the South Carolina chapter as president.
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