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Meet HCSC’s Cassie Prescott

Cassie Prescott is a freshman here at University of South Carolina and is majoring in Sport and Entertainment Management. On top of the stress of adjusting to college, she also has the responsibility of managing the entire softball team and working for HCSC’s very own marketing team! We asked her how she balances her team, her schoolwork and manages to never miss a workout at Strom. (take notes, girl-bosses!)

Name: Cassie Prescott

Year: Freshman

Age: 18

Major: Sport and Entertainment Management

Hometown: Saint Paul, Minnesota

HCSC: What’s it like being a softball manager as a freshman?

Cassie Prescott: “It really helps me manage my time! It’s great to get an inside look into a field that I’m really interested in. I learn so much every day from the older managers, the coaches and especially the athletes. I always knew that they worked hard but they really don’t get enough credit. Their schedules are insane with practices and games and they still give their all in class… Respect.”

HCSC: What is your ultimate career goal after college?

CP: “I would love to work with the major networks like NCAA or ESPN. Everyone usually assumes that sports management majors just go on to coach, but I’m leaning toward the business side of the sports industry!”

HCSC: Do you have anyone in particular that you look up to career-wise?

CP: “I love seeing any woman dominating the sports world. It’s just sad that I can only think of a handful of women that are talked about in the industry. Growing up, I looked up to Pat Summitt, head coach of the University of Tennessee Lady Vols. She had the most wins out of any coach, male or female, in NCAA history.  I did a project on her in 4th grade and just thought she was the most amazing person. I hope that one day I can inspire little girls to follow their passion, even if it means taking a risk or doing something that no one has ever heard of.”

HCSC: How do you keep organized between managing the team and going to classes?

CP: “Practice and games take up most of my free time, so strict time management has been my only way of survival. The team and coaches are really supportive and understand that school comes first. You can usually catch me doing my homework or studying on the field!”

HCSC: What do you like to do with the little free time that you do have?

CP: “I’m either working out or just enjoying some downtime. I like to be productive but sometimes a girl just needs to chill and binge-watch Netflix! Rupaul’s Drag Race is my favorite guilty pleasure.”

HCSC: Do you have any advice for fellow stressed freshman?

CP: “Take breaks, they seriously work wonders. If you’re stressed from studying and can take just 10 minutes to enjoy an iced coffee, do it. College has really taught me to appreciate the little things like getting out of class a few minutes early or free food. Definitely reevaluate the way that you’re spending the time that you do have. Like maybe when you have an hour or two between classes, spend it on homework instead of watching TV. Remember, “You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé. Procrastination is killer!”

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