Meet Ashley and Morgan, Owners of Ever Row Boutique

Sisters, Ashley and Morgan Cline, founded Ever Row close to one year ago and established their first retail store in Columbia, SC back in November. The store is located at 619 Harden Street and combines Morgan’s New York style with Ashley’s down south sass. After interviewing them, HCSC learned more about what it takes to be a girl boss in the fashion industry. 

Her Campus South Carolina: Can you give me a little background information about how you started Ever Row?

Ever Row: We decided to start Ever Row realizing we had an interest in the women’s apparel market, specifically tailored to the college experience. We aim to create a unique lifestyle brand using a combination of New York fashion experiences and style.

Ever Row started with accessories focusing on gameday and sororities. From there, the company expanded to apparel and footwear. When we first started, we sold online and would host trunk shows on various college campuses and sorority houses. Since then, we have expanded our online presence, and Ever Row opened its first boutique in Columbia, SC.

HCSC: What was your inspiration for Ever Row?

ER: We started Ever Row focusing on a mission to provide a sophisticated and stylish lifestyle, while also being affordable for the college market. We want to offer products that can be worn to a variety of events - from game day to sorority events, date nights and formals. We are well aware, from both of our college experiences (Ashley at a large southern school and Morgan in New York City), that students and young individuals want stylish quality products at an affordable price. We have always believed that you can pair a high-quality designer item with an affordable outfit to create a trendy look. 

HCSC: What has been your favorite part of owning a business?

ER: We are very close, so being able to work with each other has been our favorite part as well as watching the company grow.

HCSC: Why did you choose Columbia for your first retail location?

ER: We chose Columbia based on our interest and overall mission of Ever Row.

HCSC: What do you hope to accomplish with the company?

ER: We would like to continue growing our business, including additional locations. We have a great interest in the expanding area of technology and social media and using those platforms to promote our brand and products that we believe in.

HCSC: Is there any advice you have for college women about to venture out into the “real world”?

ER: Find something you are passionate about and pursue it! Apply for an internship and/or job in an industry of interest and absorb as much as you can. One of the best ways to learn is by doing so take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way and begin building your professional network. 

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