Making It In Med School: Kelsey Hamlin

Kelsey Hamlin graduated from the University of South Carolina last December with her sights fully focused on attending pharmacy school. With no acceptance letters in hand, she began the next six months with one goal in mind: to make her dream a reality. Now nearly a year later, she has moved back home and is currently pursuing her doctorate in Pharmacy at Presbyterian College in Clinton, South Carolina. Kelsey has learned the true value of good study habits and Starbucks Coffee, while juggling too many memorized prescription names to handle. We sat down with this doctorate student to learn her tips and tricks on #thriving in med school.

Her Campus South Carolina: What did you major in at USC?

Kelsey Hamlin: I received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. It was the path I needed to travel to equip me with all of the requirements I needed for pharmacy school. I am, also, really passionate about bettering the health of the community and increasing the quality of life. It became the perfect fit in challenging me to become better prepared for doctorate school.

HCSC: Do you think your time at USC prepared you for medical school?

KH: I definitely think USC prepared me. My courses were rigorous and I had to adapt to good study habits that have aided me at PC so far. The professors at USC were helpful in creating the “straight and narrow” into my desired career path.

HCSC: What was your best memory at USC?

KH: By far, attending football games every Saturday. I would give anything to be able to go back to Willy B every home game as a student. There is no experience like it. And, my spot on the couch has no comparison to my spot in the student section.

HCSC: What has been the hardest part of medical school thus far?

KH: The hardest part has been the amount of time you have to put into each class. Managing 18 hours of difficult courses is exhausting, but you have to keep pushing. In undergraduate, I could study half of the time I do now and still be able to make an A on an assignment. You HAVE to dedicate your time to school if you want to do well.

HCSC: What has been the best part of medical school thus far?

KH:  I love how small my class size is. Everyone is together all day, every day and that allows for close relationships with not only my classmates, but also the professors. I have never had professors and advisors so involved in my success. They are doing everything in their power to make sure my name is called on graduation day in four years.

HCSC: What would you say to an undergraduate student wanting to pursue their doctorate?

KH: GO FOR IT! I know a lot of people are hesitant because of the workload and the price, but if it is something you truly love then there is nothing that should hold you back. However, make sure you shadow/have experience in the field you are interested in before you decide. Nothing is worse than entering a career path totally blind to what it entails.

HCSC: What has been the hardest part of moving back home?

KH: Distractions. My family is not always courteous whenever I am doing school work.

HCSC: Name your top three study must-haves.

KH: STARBUCKS, my massive collection of colorful pens, and a distraction-free workplace (aka not anywhere my younger brother and sister are).

HCSC: Could you see yourself ever pursuing another career?

KH: I would never choose another career. I am 100% positive this is where God wants me to be. I love the field I am going into, and everything I am learning just adds to my excitement. Graduation day will be here before I know it, and I am so ready to begin my journey as a doctor.

Watch out, world. Kelsey is coming for you!