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I Stopped Drinking Coffee … And I Haven’t Looked Back

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at South Carolina chapter.

I thought I would be the last one to ever say that I no longer drink coffee first thing in the morning … but here I am. I used coffee in the morning as my lifeline, and if I missed my morning cup I would end up with a headache. I found myself energized in the morning just to later suffer a mid-day crash in my bed. In order to help fix this exhaustion, I’d drink another cup of coffee or treat myself to Starbucks. This had a been a routine that I was used to since high school, until I decided to go cold-turkey this past summer. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, I would try to exercise or do yoga. While this was a great fix during the summer, I soon realized that it would be an unrealistic habit while away at school. After a bit of scrolling on TikTok (admittedly), I stumbled upon the solution — matcha.

Matcha — the frothy, green drink that you’ve probably seen everywhere — has been my savior. Like coffee, matcha contains caffeine, but a smaller amount. Instead of getting an instant energy-boost, matcha boosts your energy at a slower pace. Not only that, but matcha also contains L-theanine, an amino acid found in green teas that can reduce stress by increasing alpha waves in your brain. I’ve noticed a significant change in my energy levels throughout the day since starting my day off with a cup of matcha.

Matcha also is known for its amazing health benefits, which are just a plus to this yummy drink. According to health.com, matcha may help prevent cancer and type 2 diabetes. It’s also known for combatting depression and boosting brain function. The antioxidants found in matcha support “detoxification, reduce inflammation, and protect cells from damage that can lead to aging and disease.”

When making matcha at home, I use the Jade Leaf Cafe Style Matcha Latte. It blends perfectly with frothed milk and has the perfect amount of sweetness. If you struggle with maintaining your energy throughout the day, or even experience brain-fog, matcha is a solution I urge you to try.

Sarah Heyman

South Carolina '24

Sarah is the social media manager and a writer for the South Carolina Her Campus chapter. She manages all social media and posts content for her chapter. Sarah also writes editorial articles regularly. Sarah is a senior at the University of South Carolina studying Marketing. In her free time, Sarah likes to work out, spend time with family, and try new foods.