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Healthy Habits for College Life

With Thanksgiving approaching, our pants might be getting a little tighter as our diets range from “wait, I forgot to eat?” to the constant fast food runs and microwaveable meals. Our sleep schedules go from 10 hours to 2 hours and we just can’t seem to find our way to the gym in between it all. So here are a few helpful tips to getting back on track and staying on track with the apporaching holidays and breaks!

1. Try a workout class you’ve never done before.

Perhaps 90s style?

2. Get some fresh air as a study break.

It’ll help you clear your mind.

3. Walk to class.

An easy way to burn off some extra calories.

4. Have a balanced meal.

Load your plate with veggies!

5. Switch out poor eating habits.

Use grilled chicken for protein.

6. Stock up on fruits.

Get rid of the chocolate! Well, not all of it.

7. Make smoothies.

They’re delicious.

8. Drink plenty of water.

Your skin will thank you!

9. Stay organized.

Declutter your space and you’ll declutter your brain!

10. Stretch before bed.


11. SLEEP!

Do you really need a reason?

Hopefully these tips will add a little extra pep in your step!

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