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Five Things You Could Buy with the Money You Spend on Tampons

You’re running through the grocery store picking up some last minute items for the week when you suddenly remember “Aunt Flo” is rolling into town tomorrow. You snag a box of tampons, laughing at how out of place it will look among the jar of peanut butter, eggs, and frozen nuggets you’ve gathered. HOLY HEAVENS that box of tampons is nine dollars. This sucks… there are so many more worthy things you could’ve used that cash for, like…

1. A LARGE Zaxby’s Chicken Finger Plate

This one is hard to think about and, quite frankly, haunts you at night.

2. A Bottle of Wine

For obvious reasons, most people would choose this over a box of Tampax Pearl.

3. A Yard Gnome

You didn’t even know you wanted this until now, and it makes you angry that you can’t have it.

4. Your Monthly Netflix Subscription


5. 36 Wishes in the Trevi Fountain


This doesn’t even include the money you have to spend on the rest of the toiletries you’ll need. In all seriousness, that money really adds up and it’s preposterous! It certainly is a dreadful predicament to be in and it’s completely out of your hands! Hold your head high as you brace yourself for the week ahead, and go get that Zaxby’s tray anyways. 

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South Carolina

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