Finals Week: Vine Edition

Finals week is just around the corner! Time to start finishing some essays and hitting the library hard. It may seem like you’re all alone in your stress, but everyone is going through the same stages of finals mayhem that you are. It starts with the last day of classes . . .

Stage 1: It’s finally the end of the semester. No more teachers, no more books (at least until finals week).

Stage 2: Now on to Reading Day. You finally hole yourself up in the library and get started on those final essays. Hopefully, you get further than one word for your paper.

Stage 3: It’s the morning of your first exam! You try to wake up but you’re having a hard time even getting out bed.

Stage 4: You’re almost to your exam room. Maybe you have time for a short mental break down?

Stage 5: You walk into your first exam and the professor tells everyone to take out their blue books. You begin to panic just a little bit.

Stage 6: Well, that’s finally over! Only a short time until your next exam, but maybe there’s time for a short nap.

Stage 7: Time for the second exam, but wait! There’s some traffic on the way there! You’re hoping that you will be on time for your exam.

Stage 8: You get to class on time for your second exam and it was super hard. Is giving up the right solution?

Stage 9: You feel like a quick workout after your exams will help you to relax for your exam tomorrow.

Stage 10: Food sounds good right now and is definitely a necessity for more studying! You should go use those coupons for free tacos.

Stage 11: It’s your last day of exams and you’re ready for your last one. You finish with plenty of time to spare and think you did pretty well on it. Congratulations, finals are over!

While studying and stressing, remember that your grades do not define you. Make sure you take time for mental health breaks, meals, and conversations with friends and family. Don’t worry, you got this! And once we get past exams, it’s time for Christmas!