Cheap Dates for Broke College Students

Here’s some fun and new date ideas that are low cost but loads of fun! Make this your go-to list the next time you're looking for a cute date.

  1. 1. Go Hiking!

    Congaree National Park is just a short drive from campus and offers a variety of FREE activities for everyone! You can do everything from fishing to camping at this park.

  2. 2. Go out for dessert!

    Instead of having to pay for dinner and dessert, make dinner at home and then get a treat after. Kaminsky’s, Baked Bear, and Sweet Cream Company are all great options and very affordable! It’s even better if the two of you can split something and save even more money!

  3. 3. Go to Walmart or a thrift store and pick an outfit the other person has to wear in public at least once.

    This is super fun and will leave the both of you with plenty of memories! Set a price limit and enjoy what will soon unfold!

  4. 4. Make dinner for each other.

    It may seem corny but there is nothing better than coming home to a home-cooked meal by your significant other. Try making something you’ve never had before because you never know.

  5. 5. Game night!

    Depending on how competitive you and your significant other are, you might want to plan a game night. Gather your favorite snacks and games and spend the night in your PJs playing games with the one you love. No makeup or nice clothes necessary!

  6. 6. Groupon your next date!

    Keep on the lookout for awesome coupons and plan your next date around that! Everything counts when it comes to saving some money. Groupon has great deals that everyone should look into!

  7. 7. Do a photograph scavenger hunt!

    Make a list of objects and the first one to find everything and snap a picture of it wins! 


There are plenty of fun dates around Columbia, just get creative and have a great time.