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6 Apartment Crises You Can Fix With Krazy Glue

Living in a college apartment comes with its own list of issues from the day you move in. From cheap upholstery to overused furniture, inconvenience is bound to strike in the form of rips, tears and breaks. But, keeping a tube of Krazy Glue handy is guaranteed to make your apartment woes disappear! Here are six hacks using Krazy Glue even HGTV would approve of. 

1. The Broken Mug

So you borrowed your roommate’s favorite mug because yours was still dirty from yesterday’s coffee. No big deal, right? Except while reaching for the sugar, you accidentally knocked the mug off the counter and the handle broke off. Jessica is going to kill you.

Unless! You grab your tube of Krazy Glue and stick that baby back on. Good as new!

2. The Couch Tear

Your old leather couch has some wear and tear, but it’s got too many memories to throw out. Plus, who has the money to replace furniture?

Luckily, to repair minor rips and tears, all you need is a couple drops of Krazy Glue to keep that old couch together.

3. The Loose Leg

We’ve all been to a restaurant where one leg is loose, causing all sorts of havoc. Your sister puts one elbow on the table and suddenly your orange juice is tipping over. At restaurants, you just have to suck it up and deal with it. But why should every meal at home be a balancing act?

So, how do you fix it? By sliding a book under the leg? Okay but what if you really need that “How to Find Your Soulmate” book that your mom gave you after three consecutive Christmas dinners with no significant other? Save yourself the time by Krazy Gluing that wobbly leg back in place.

4. The Wobbly Knob

Who even designed drawer knobs to screw out? More often than not, you go to pull open a drawer, only to pull out the knob itself. What then?

You guessed it. Krazy Glue. Slather that all on the end of the knob, and the dresser for good measure, then enjoy a lifetime of actually being able to access your T-shirts.

5. The Keyboard Crisis

You love your laptop. You wouldn’t trade it in for anything in the world – well, except for maybe that new Macbook. But somehow, the G key fell off. You try to write your academic essays without it, but who would have thought that the letter G was so important?

A tiny drop of Krazy Glue can reattach that G to the keyboard with ease.

6. The Fashion Emergency

You’re ready for a night out with the girls. You’ve got that new skirt on, you actually brushed your hair for the first time in three days and you are ready to party until you drop. And by that, you mean party until a reasonable hour because you have work tomorrow.

You’re about to step out the door when with just a stumble, one of your heels breaks and your perfect outfit is now ruined. You could change shoes, but these ones actually match. Brush on some Krazy Glue, let it sit for a minute, and you should be good to dance the night away!

While you’re at it, might as well reattach the stone that fell out of the earring you were wearing yesterday.

Discover these hacks and more with your own tube of Krazy Glue!

Sara Slaughter

South Carolina '21

Sara Slaughter is a sophomore at the University of South Carolina. She enjoys musical theatre and is involved in productions on campus. She is currently bingeing Criminal Minds.
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