5 Reasons Why the Freshman Experience at UofSC Is The Best

  1. 1. University 101 

    University 101 is University of South Carolina's baby. It's their pride and joy. Several universities have adopted the idea since Carolina had success with it. They will try to make every freshman sign up for it, and I tried to get out of it because "I already know how to study". But it's so much more than that.

    Since the 5 weeks I've been here I made friends in that class, learned the ins and outs of tailgating safely (because it is so big here), gone on a scavenger hunt for fun things on campus and learned about resources to go for anything from a health check up to a paper edit. We talked about safe places to go outside of campus and some neighborhoods to avoid.

    It is taught by a teacher and a peer leader who is typically a senior that can provide extra help and advice. The peer leader is a great addition to the program, and gives you someone to go to if you don’t feel comfortable talking to the teacher, or you just want to play with your peer leader’s dog. 

    The class is very much like an open discussion, having a very welcoming environment. If you don't want to take it for any of those reasons, take it for the easy A.


  2. 2. Housing

    A big part of making campus feel like home is dorms that aren't stingy and gross! There are a few buildings that are better than others, but in general, University of South Carolina's dorm life is much better than others!

    High ceilings, dry wall, free in-building laundry, suite style bathrooms, individual air conditioning controller, new hall carpets and linoleum flooring in the room are some of my favorite features.

    The dorms are also very secure. I have so many check-ins for which I have to swipe my Carolina Card. It's annoying now, but I'll be thankful later.


  3. 3. Greene Street

    There is always something happening on Greene Street! Sometimes it's a club fair, or a job fair, or a religious organization fair. Every Tuesday UofSC hosts its own little farmers market for the students and invites popcorn makers, fruit farmers and juicers to vend to the students on the street.

    You will know you've stumbled across Greene Street when you hear blasting music and see people handing out free food, drinks, or even t-shirts.

    Oh and also, Her Campus usually has a booth with free samples on Greene Street, so keep your eye out for us! 


  4. 4. Free Sporting Events

    Almost every student wants to go to the football games at other universities, but definitely here at Carolina. The special thing about South Carolina though is that it is the only school in the SEC to give football tickets to students for free!

    The special point system encourages students to be school spirited and go to more athletic events, such as volleyball and soccer, which earns points that then go towards football tickets.

    This gets students more involved and doesn't break the bank! Win-Win.


  5. 5. UofSC wants you to get involved!

    Just like any University, South Carolina wants you to get involved as a student. Every week, the administration emails students about upcoming events. 

    Carolina has an entertainment club that puts together activities and entertainment for the students. From a distance it might seem lame, but it is so much fun! 

    One of these events, "Carolina After Dark" is a free event every Thursday night to give students something to do other than go out. For example, they have done bowling, roller blading, and movie nights.

    We went to a free painting class in the Vista of Columbia provided by the school and it was super relaxing.


Main Takeaway:

I am so glad that I chose University of South Carolina as my home. I truly believe that it deserves the title "Best First-Year Experience". Getting involved, making new friends, and having great classes has made the first month fly by! I can't wait for what's to come.

If you have anything that has improved to your first year experience, please share! We would love to hear it.

Thanks for reading,

Meghan Keeler