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5 Moving Tips You’ve Never Been Told Before

With the new school year comes moving- lots and lots of moving. Whether you’re a freshman moving into your first dorm or an upperclassman moving into a different apartment or house, there is a lot to be done. After moving three times, I’ve learned that not only is it the most stressful thing in the world, but it literally drains your energy. Hopefully these tips help to keep yours (and your parents) cholesterol in check.

1. Pack what you need and only what you need- do your shopping after you move in.

Your life will be twelve times easier if you go shopping after you realize what you need without buying everything prior to moving. It helps minimize the amount of returns you will have to make and will keep your load easier when doing the heavy lifting.

2. Hire big guys (not movers) to help move heavy furniture.

Write in fraternity group me’s, your class Facebook page, whatever works because I can bet you there are some broke college guys willing to make your move in day a lot easier for some extra cash and it will still be a lot cheaper than professional movers.

3. If you have a farther drive to make and you have to rent a U-Haul, rent a trailer instead of a truck.

Most SUV(ish) cars can tow a trailer and the cost is much cheaper because you aren’t paying per mile. U-Haul tries to reel you in with an extremely cheap truck rental price, but when you add mileage you could be paying well over $200.

4. Try to move in the day after everybody else.

Obviously if you’re in a dorm with a set time to move in or an apartment that gives you a specific time slot, then this won’t work. But if your lease has a flexible move in date, try to pick a day/time where not everyone will be doing the exact same thing as you and hogging the elevators.

5. When it comes to moving boxes- never pay for them.

Moving boxes can be expensive at office supply stores life Staples or Office Max, but honestly, I’d avoid paying for them at all. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, try going to Craigslist and see if people in your area have any boxes to give away. Another option, if you’re looking to save money is to go to local grocery stores and asking when they have shipments coming in because they’ll most likely give away the boxes after that.


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