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5 Detox Water Recipes to Cleanse Your Body and Mind

Detox water is one of the newer health trends on the rise, and unlike a lot of dieting fads, it is actually beneficial. It improves overall hydration, with added benefits from the fruits and herbs. It’s delicious, refreshing and perfect for springtime!

You can use any type of cup or pitcher to infuse your water. My recipes will be written for my infusing pitcher, which holds about a liter of liquid.

1. Lemon, Lime, and Mint

The quintessential detox water – this water is usually a starter for the detox water lifestyle.



2 lemons

2 limes

4 mint leaves

Chop the lemons and limes into quarters. Roughly chop the mint leaves, not too fine, but just enough to release some extra flavor. Place them in your pitcher. Leave it in the fridge for a few hours in order for the flavors to blend.

2. Lemon and Raspberry

These tart flavors are most complimentary and perfect for spring and summer!



3 lemons

3/4 cup of raspberries

Cut the lemons into fourths. Place in the pitcher. Place the raspberries in the pitcher. Pour in water. Leave in the fridge for a few hours for the flavors to strengthen.

3. Lemon and Ginger

Lemon and ginger are both great foods for the digestive tract! Combine them with water for a healthy and tasty drink.



3 lemons

At least an inch of peeled ginger (add more depending on your taste)

Cut the lemons into fourths and put them in the pitcher. Peel the ginger, chop it to the desired size and place into pitcher. Pour in water. Leave in the fridge for a few hours to thoroughly infuse.

4. Blueberry and Strawberry

A perfect combination for summer!


1/2 cup of strawberries

3/4 cup of blueberries

Cut the strawberries into fourths. Place in pitcher along with uncut blueberries. Pour water in. Leave in the refrigerator.

5. Cucumber and mint

Pamper your body with these delicious flavors and hydrating foods!


1/2 cucumber

4 mint leaves

Chop the cucumber half into desired size. Place in pitcher. Roughly chop the mint leaves. Do not cut them too small, but just enough to release the flavor. Place in pitcher. Pour in water and leave the pitcher in the fridge.

Detox water is a delicious way to kick the habit of soda drinking and just to overall improve your hydration. Use these recipes to have a refreshing drink for the spring! The fruits should be good for use up to two to three times.


Katherine Kimbrough

South Carolina '21

Katherine is a sophomore music student at the University of South Carolina. She has sung in choirs all over the country, and continues to sing all over South Carolina. Her interests include coffee, chocolate, books, and music. You can follow her on twitter @kat_kimbrough and on instagram @katherinekimbrough. 
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