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13 Phases of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays. Everyone loves Christmas, and they’re not wrong—it’s great. But Thanksgiving is like a pre-Christmas. It’s like a pregame to the most magical, exciting and beautiful (and so many other synonymous adjectives) holiday of the year. Just without all the presents. Plus, so. Much. Food. Bet we can guess how you spend the day…

1. Turkey Trot, anyone?! Nah, we all know you hit the snooze…

2. You might catch the Macy’s Day Parade…or more like the end of it.

3. You swear not to eat too much during the day so you can stuff your face later on.

4. Then you proceed to snack on what’s in the fridge because you’re just too hungry.

5. After that you try to distract yourself by putting on a cute outfit that you can post an insta in.

6. Then you post said cute insta.

7. You immediately change into sweats to prepare for the amount of food you’re about to eat.

8. “Time to eat!!!”

9. Your plate is loaded with almost everything in sight, except for dessert (you have to come back for that).

10. And you finish before everyone because the food is too good to be talking and enjoying the company of your family…

11. It’s time for seconds…

12. Now you’re forcing down the three different types of the “secret family recipe” pies that your aunts and grandmas brought with them.

13. You’re filled with what would be regret on a normal day, but today: pure bliss (with a side of an extreme food coma).

Happy Thanksgiving! Stuff your face!

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Sarah Westbrook

South Carolina

Sarah Westbrook is a senior at the University of South Carolina. She majors in Marketing with a minor in PR and Advertising, and hopes to one day open up a cupcake boutique. She loves baking, snuggling with dogs, watching Criminal Minds, and Carolina Game Days!!!
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