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I am proud to be a woman.

Because I am born with societal disadvantage but a spiritual advantage.

So that when I do excel and do succeed, I stand that much taller.

I am proud to be a woman because my qualities will surprise a lesser person.

When I think logically, I will break your preconceived notion.

When I act confidently, I will break it.

When my body is strong, I will break it.

When I excel in science and mathematics, I will break it.



I am proud of my body.

It is all mine.

It is unique.

It is beautiful. 

And it is my job to care and nurture it for its amazing gifts.

I am proud of my period.

It is a natural beautiful thing only I may endure.

It is proof I am human.

It is proof I am a person.

It is proof I am alive and may make life.

It is proof of my purity, and nothing lesser.


I am proud of my virtue, if not the physical, the fact that I may control all aspects of my sexuality and act on it willingly.


I am proud to be my own sexual entity that has preference and choice of whom I share myself with emotionally, physically and spiritually.


I am proud to be a woman because only she can understand what it is like to be born into a body already defined, and refine it as anything she pleases. 


You are genius. You are a conquerer. You are the essence of life. 



I'm Rebecca DeMent(she/her/they/them), a Buddhist Catholic vegan ecofeminst, and I am a junior at Sonoma State University studying Philosophy in the Pre-Law concentration with a minor in Business. 
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