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What it’s like to have friends in the military

Forgive the title because it’s not quite yet accurate.  In high school I had the greatest group of friends I could possibly imagine.  And funny story, most of them were guys.  They were the classic nerds and band geeks that I got along really well with and spent nearly every day with for two years in a row.  Many of them played guitar, drums, bass, and still were obsessed with Batman and Ironman.  They are where all my knowledge on Harry Potter, Marvel movies, and music have come from.  Well at least most of them.  Some of them had different interests like cars, motorcycles, and more traditional dude things if you catch my drift.  In my friend group, there was the nerd group, and the douche group, for lack of a better term.  Despite their different interests, they found stuff to bond over and that’s what made these guys so amazing.  They all got along so well and I was the one random female in this mix of dudes. There were obviously other girls that would hang around with us, but for the most part when we had little get togethers, I would always be the one girl around, and I was used to it.

One thing I noticed was that a few of them never talked about college until just a few weeks before graduation.  Some were staying local, others were going to SoCal, and others I surprisingly found out, were going into the Military.  The first one I found out about I wasn’t surprised at all.  He had had the kind of high school career where you’d likely expect him to join the army after graduation.  He chose the Marines and left for boot camp in August.  He was gone for three months and just got back a week ago and luckily I was able to see him and he is doing really well, be we all know what his next step is.  The next friend I found out about, I was a little surprised by his decision.  He had a great girlfriend and a bright future ahead of him, but he decided to join the Air Force during first semester of senior year.  I knew it wasn’t his plan from the start, but I could understand why he was doing it.  

So we graduated and I accepted the fate of these two friends.  The first one left in august and just came back, and the second one has yet to leave.  By now I know all of the basic military lingo because of the amount of time I spend with each of these guys, so when I saw one day on another friends snap chat that he was going to MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station), I had a near panic attack.  This guy was taking classes at SRJC studying computer sciences, and the next day he’s going to MEPS to be in the Marines.  I quickly realized I had no choice but to be okay with this.  It’s been a few weeks since I heard the news and he and I have talked about it, but it relieves me to know that they will all be involved in jobs that aren’t infantry.  I’m really close with all three of these guys and I’m really proud of them for doing what they believe is good for our country and their lives, but I will never be able to understand how they made these life-changing decisions on their own at such a young age.

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