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Stages Of The Semester As Told By Grey’s Anatomy

For many of us, college has turned into some sort of routine that we follow for about four months. This routine often includes class, work, or other activities.  And although every semester has the potential to be different, there is something familiar about the emotional stages that you experience while trying to get your life together in college.


  1. Full of Hope.  Within the first two weeks of school, you are exposed to new environments, and new people. It can seem kind of overwhelming but there is this feeling of excitement because hey, it’s a new semester!                         


   2. Denial. A  new semester = lots of down time. Down time means catching up with your friends because you might have have not seen them the whole break or just catching up on a series that just got added to Netflix. However, this down time is limited. But since it is the beginning of the semester we tell ourselves that it’s okay to not read, or start on that paper that isn’t due yet, because it is going to be easy to catch up, right?             


   3. Confusion. After realizing that your paper is due next week and you have not started reading, you know that you need to get it together. However, while you are taking notes in class you learn that you actually have no idea what is going on.


   4. Optimistic. While it may require some work, you got this because c’mon, you’ve done this before. But catching up equals time taken away from friends, and time taken away from that series that is just getting juicy. So you begin to resent school for interfering with your personal life, and yourself for letting yourself get behind.



   5. Breakdown. After spending countless hours on homework, you still don’t see any direct results so you begin to question what are you doing with your life. Do you really need a college degree?? Or should you drop out and travel the world??



   6. School is life. After realizing that yes in fact you do need a college degree, not to mention the amount of money you are spending on school, you start to get it together. Even if it means spending all night studying, or missing out on fun stuff with your friends, it has to be all worth it, right?                                                    


    7. Success. Finally, the end of the semester is here and soon you will be going home! While it was definitely a struggle and there were various times you wanted to quit, you did it!




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Gaby Medina is a third year at Sonoma State University majoring in Business Admin. She grew up by the beach in a small Hispanic community in Santa Cruz Country, CA; where she was raised in a Mexican household. She loves dogs, tacos, wine and to write articles that others can relate too. She also loves being honest about experiences she's been through in hopes will help others going through the same things. She hopes to work for one of her favorite companies one day like Twitter,  Netflix, or Anastasia Beverly Hills. 
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