Recreating Your Narrative: What's Your Story?

Let’s Get Started

When it comes to telling people who you are, what are you saying? Have you ever taken into account what is the story you tell yourself and others? Is it negative? Is it positive? Do you feel good about your story? One thing you must know is the narrative we tell is also the narrative we tell ourselves. And guess what? IT ISN’T REAL. We will never be able to communicate to someone our full story when we choose what we decide to say to others. Whenever we tell someone about ourselves, we are only choosing what we feel is necessary or important. One of the amazing things about your narrative is we can recreate it. We hold the power to decide how we want to become apart of our everyday narrative. So now begin, what is the story you have been telling yourself, are you a victim, are you a winner, are you a leader? The words you use are extremely important to who you will portray yourself to be.



Stop the Negative Talk

The negative talk, whether it's to others or to yourself is preventing you from living out the story you want. Many people believe things just “happen”. However, I believe we are fully in control in the people we allow into our lives and the stories we create from the situation. Our view is only a perspective. It is our truth. However, we can change that perspective, that truth, in essence changing out reality. We create our reality, whether we believe it or not. Even if we are not fully aware of our decision, what we tell ourselves every day will register on an unconscious level in one way or another and the only way to stop the unconscious negative talk is by becoming extremely reflective and conscious.


Write it Down

In order to become aware of the story you are telling yourself, as unconscious as it may be, is to become honest with yourself and make the story conscious. One method that helped me become aware of my story was through a classroom activity that in turn, turned into a reflected on the way I view my life’s events. Write down a timeline and write about the most important events to you in your lifespan and the way you view that event. Come to realize these “most important events” in your life isn’t your entire life. Each little day makes up our life but we don’t write each day down. However, our view of these events we have specifically chosen to affect our lives in turn affects the way we view ourselves. Get to writing down those events and seeing how else you may interpret that event in order to create a new outlook!




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