Meet Vice President Kylie Walker

As a part of the Meet the Team Series, were interviewing our very own Vice President Kylie Walker!

HC: What’s it like being VP of Her Campus?

KW: I was a little bit hesitant accepting the position of Vice President because my schedule is already jam packed, but so far it’s been really rewarding. I love Her Campus and being a part of the support team is really cool!


HC: What’s the most challenging and greatest part of being VP?

KW: Definitely my schedule. I’m a double majoring in English and Women’s & Gender Studies as well as interning, working, being the president of another club, and being a part of the Vagina Monologues. To be honest, I practice deep breathing A LOT. Her Campus is worth my time, though.


HC: How would you explain Her Campus to people who don’t know what it is?

KW: Her Campus is just a platform for your thoughts! I think taking a peek at our website you can get a quick idea that we’re here for all types of women. If you’re interested in writing and literally one other thing, we’re here for you (for example, I’m interested in writing and feminism, so that’s what I write about a lot).


HC: You are a diehard feminist, was there something that attracted you to it or were you just “born to be” one?

KW: I’ve always been for girl power (I mean, why wouldn’t I be?), however, the first thing that attracted me to feminism was the body positivity movement. I’ve written about this on Her Campus before, but the idea of feminism was at first shiny and new because of the common thoughts surrounding body image within the feminist community. I would say that my perspective was pretty one-dimensional, but as I grew with myself, my feminism grew to include other people’s narratives and ideas.


HC: Do you have any advice for students who may be interested in joining Her Campus?

KW: Yes! I think that if you’re considering it at all, you should do it! If you’re out there and have any concerns, email us and talk about them! We’re for sure willing to make accommodations for everyone :-)

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