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How to Keep the Stress Off During the Semester

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Sonoma chapter.

Throughout the semester, a buildup of essays, exams, and projects exhibit stress that affects health and productivity. There are various ways to maintain a stress-free lifestyle with a busy schedule.

Building on the skill to manage time is key for reporting quality work in a timely manner throughout the semester. Procrastination is a habit that must be eliminated as it does not translate well in any workforce, this will only benefit your life.

When writing an essay, article or proposal for a course, spending time curating a list or outline of ideas, thoughts and opinions give direction and purpose in the piece you are writing. Having a rough draft can better your work ethic by promoting enough time to work on a rough draft and make edits at a separate time. Reviewing and spending time away from your work will help highlight flaws and missing contributions in the editing process.

Organization and planning will keep motivation and production levels high. Clean notes, prioritizing and laying out plans for all assignments keeps tasks in check and will give plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming dates. Setting firm schedules and committing to it vital for success in a stress-free environment.

Find a method of studying that is practical and fits your learning style in a stress-free manner. Ways to study may be group studying, flashcards, and reciting material out loud. Creating a study space that is not filled with distractions will enhance your studying habits and excel in future exams. Every college student have different habits and techniques and finding what works will lead to success.

Taking a moment to indulge in self-care and not deprive yourself of social gatherings is not recommended for your physical and mental health. Whether your idea of relaxation is exercise, eating a healthy snack while watching Netflix or scrolling through social media, this should happen often to keep positive energy when assignments can weigh down life.

Eating healthy is the invitation to a stress-free life. Limiting the amount of fast food and unhealthy snacking and constraining to healthy eating habits will improve your productivity, give you more motivation for prospering and clear up a fogged mind.

When it comes to balancing course work and club may get tricky but the importance of taking on only what you can handle is essential to not overwork yourself. There is power in being able to say no and shows the responsibility in handling a schedule that caters to your needs and success in academics.

Being productive is giving yourself an early start each day and completing the tasks in a timely manner, even if there are no activities required outside of the dorm. Weekends are days that promote relaxation rather than productivity but setting a few tasks that must get done by the end of the weekend should be done at the start of the day. This will lead to relaxation and lounging at the end and sleeping earlier instead of long nights.

Teresa Gulli

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My name is Teresa Gulli and I am a writer for the Her Campus at the Sonoma State University Chapter.
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