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Instead of new year's resolutions, I thought i’d make some promises for myself in 2018. 2017 was definitely an interesting year for me.  Not necessarily the craziest year, in fact when I think back to what happened during the year, all I can remember is that my aunt died, I joined a sorority, and I lost my virginity.  Short story long, 2017 was a mediocre year for me and I would love to make 2018 the best year that I can with just a few simple things.

Number one, I’d like to lose some weight.  I’ve had a rough journey with weight loss but I want to dedicate myself to figuring out how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself, because it’s not necessarily socially acceptable to eat a whole box of Cheez-Its in one sitting.  I also need to start going to the gym more.  For the last year I’ve been using the excuse that I’m “too busy” when sure, sometimes that was the case, but other times, I just wanted to eat mac and cheese and watch Netflix after a long day.  At least for this semester, I’ll have some extra motivation because of an aerobics class I’m taking, and hopefully I’ll be able to convince friends of mine to come to the gym with me more often.  I also just need to start eating right.  My mom always said to me in order to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more, but I like food a little too much to do that.  It’ll be tricky, but with a little extra motivation from the new year and the beginning of the semester, I’ll hopefully be able to fit into my favorite pair of jeans again.

I’ve kind of already gotten a head start on the next promise, but this year I want to be more dedicate to self love and self worth.  In the past, it’s been so easy for me to forget what I deserve, and settle for guys that are not good enough for me and that are just going to let me down and disappoint me.  I’ve gotten better at realizing that enough is enough and not holding on for as long as I used to.  It was a problem that I knew I needed to fix and change, and it’s been an interesting feeling finally taking control of this part of my life.  Up until a few months ago, I would always answer to other people and let them push me around, and I’m not going to lie, sometimes I still do, but I’m definitely more selective about what I put up with who I’m putting up with, which is definitely a step up from previous behaviors.

All in all, I want to make some big changes in 2018.  I’ll be 20 in almost 5 months and that is a terrifyingly exciting thought.  I’ll soon be in a mix of “not yet an adult but not a teenager anymore” and I’ve been waiting to feel that for a while.  It’s about time I start taking my life seriously, and hopefully with these promises to myself for this year, I’ll be able to really surprise myself.


Second year at SSU. Hobbies of mine include Photography, Writing, and Singing in the shower.
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