5 Things You Should Not Be Ashamed Of

We all have things we are ashamed of, whether it's bad habbits, certain foods mixed together, people we are involved with, or pretty much anything else. There are some things people are highly ashamed of and in my opinion, it's things you shouldn't hide or feel bad for. Here are a few!


Your Race, Ethnicity, & Skin Color

Always be proud of who you are! Be proud of where you came from. Your parents/family didn't come to the U.S. for fun. They came to give you a better life. Who cares if you lived in a not so pretty town or neighborhood? Your roots are who you are, don’t let them go.


Your Appearance

Who cares if someone doesnt like what you wear or what you do with your hair. It's not their body or hair, so cut and die your hair as you please. As long as you like it, rock it girl!


What You Like / Who You Like

Everyone has their own personal interests. Some people like denim on denim, some people don’t. Some people like metal and punk rock music, some like r&b. Don’t ever be ashamed for the interests that you have. You should also never be ashamed of who you like or who you find attractive/interesting. People will never see what you see in them, and that’s okay. 


Stretch Marks

This is something I'm personally still struggling with--it's a work in progress. But lately, i have learned to appreciate them. When i was in middle school, i still had my baby fat(as i like to refer to it haha) but the summer before 8th grade i somehow lost weight and ended up with stretch marks all over my thighs. I was always super self-conscious about wearing bathing suits, but now i could care less. No one's body is perfect, don't forget that.


Putting Yourself FIrst

Sometimes you have to be a tad selfish and put yourself in certain situations. It’s okay to take care of yourself and even pamper yourself. What is not good is making others feel like they are beneath you and as if they are not as important as you. Blowing out someone else's candle doesn't make yours shine any brighter. It's all about self love, self care, and love for others.