15 Things I've Learned Half Way Through College Told By HIMYM

Half way through college, I feel like I have finally gotten the hang of how things work. How certain professors teach and which ones to avoid, the best times to go to Charlie Brown's to beat rush hour, and which spots are the best to study in or to simply hang out. Here's are a few things I have learned about college, told by my favorite show: How I Met Your Mother❤️

1) Moving away from home is sad, but it’s worth it.

2) No matter what you say, you will get homesick.

3) You will never eat a meal as good as your mom’s.

4) Top Ramen, pasta, and pizza will be the main things in your food pyramid.

5) Some of your new college friends/roommates might become your new best friends.

6) But you will probably lose touch with your friends back home and might even lose your best friend.

7) You will have the opportunity to experiment with alcohol...


8) ... as well as smoking.

9) It’s okay to want to party, but don’t put it before your studies.

10) You will learn to love all types of beer.

11) Even the smartest students will find themselves failing their first exam or class.

12) Good grades are important, but remember: your mental health comes before your studies. No matter what anyone says.

13) Don’t take an 8am if you don't have to. Even though you did it in high school, it’ll be hell in college.

14) Coffee is essential for finals week, and for college in general.

15) Experiment safely and sexually, it’s okay to try new things with new people. 

And don't forget to live a little, college will be over before you. Make mistakes, and learn from them! It's the only way you will learn how to deal with whatever life throws at you.

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