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Senior Goodbye: Favorite Memories at Soka

With the senior class graduating, we’re all wondering what their favorite memories at Soka are. After four years of ups and downs, they’ve all experienced so much and made so many memories. We asked them to recall some of their favorites. 

Anytime I shared a meal with my friends because we got to share our memories – Vanesa R.

I have numerous spreading from athletic achievements, to partying with everyone, to just laughing with the people I care about – Saul H.

International FestivalShania D.

All the performances I have done with my club members and my classmates – Risa N.

Gosh so many! Everyday I make an awesome memory – good or bad. Everything is a learning experience that makes us better people Ellen K.

I can’t choose one but maybe something that I did with my friends Yurika N.

SwimmingCassidy L.

My fondest Soka memories are of my participation in club performances for SUAlseros, particularly during the International Festival – Karla R.

I don’t think I could pinpoint one single memory that was my favorite, and I consider that such a blessing. My time at SUA has been fulfilling and I have made so many treasurable memories that I cannot compare and say that there was one best memory Sung B.

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