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1. Almonds

Almonds are filled with healthy fats and are a great source of protein. They are also super convenient to bring with if you want to study somewhere other than your room, which is why they are such a perfect healthy study snack. 

2. Rice Cakes

Rice cakes with some peanut butter and fruit is a delicious and easy snack to make. It’s the perfect amount of crunchy and sweet but can get a little messy so make sure you clean up the crumbs when you’re done. 

3. String Cheese

This is such a yummy and cheap snack, and it gives you something fun to do while you’re studying for that upcoming exam. You can even try to make a game out of how much reading you’re able to get done in the time it takes to finish one string cheese. 

4. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is packed with protein and can be used for pretty much everything and anything. Eat it on its own, or add some fruit, granola, and honey, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and healthy snack to help you get through hours of studying. 

5. Fruit Salad

Reading pages of a book that doesn’t interest you in the slightest can get pretty tiring. Give your mind a break and mix together your favorite fruits in a bowl, and take in all the sugary delicious fruits that also happens to be very healthy for you. 

6. Ants on a Log

Studying for hours upon hours can get pretty dull, so why not cheer yourself up by making a favorite childhood snack? All you need is celery, some peanut butter, and raisins and then you crunch away on these yummy and protein-filled snacks that will help get you through the next couple hours of studying. 

7. Dark Chocolate

Sometimes all we want after reading countless pages of gibberish is to indulge in some chocolate, but try going for a healthier alternative by snacking on some dark chocolate. It has healthy antioxidants that will be better for you than plain old chocolate. Now you can feel good while your brain is trying not to explode from all the information you’re trying to retain. 

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