What to Consider When Choosing Electives

It's officially April, which means that enrollment for Fall classes is here! You most likely have an idea of the major-specific classes that you're taking, but you may also find yourself with a little extra room in your schedule. To make the most of that extra space, here are some things to consider when deciding which electives to take.

Your classroom style preferences

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Do you prefer large lectures or a smaller classroom setting? Looking at the number of available seats in a class can give you an idea of how many students will be in your section, so keep this in mind when choosing which classes to take. If you enjoy getting to know your classmates in a more intimate setting, then a smaller classroom will give you that opportunity, and if you’re more independent you would most likely prefer a traditional lecture style.


Your potential major(s)


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If you’re undecided, trying out different electives is a great way to figure out which major is a good fit for you. You might try an introductory class for a certain subject and find that you want to learn more about it, or you may take it and realize that you definitely DON’T want a career in that field. And if you don’t end up with a major or minor related to the class, you still might find a new hobby or learn some valuable skills.


Your academic progress


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Do you have lots of unsatisfied UC requirements? If so, then try looking for electives that fulfill as many of them as possible. These requirements can be difficult to keep track of, but it’s important to have them in mind so you can make sure you have them all finished in time for you to graduate!


Your advisor’s opinion


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Feeling lost in the endless list of courses that SMU offers? Your academic advisor will be happy to help you choose electives that will help you with your degree plan as well as your future career goals. They know the course catalog well and will be able to help you create your ideal schedule, so don’t hesitate to make an appointment!


Your interests 


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College is your time to learn more about yourself and (hopefully) find what you’re passionate about. So if there’s a class that you’ve been wanting to take but haven’t because it isn’t related to your major, go ahead and try it out as an elective! Now is the time for discovering new ideas and taking classes outside your field of study is a great way to broaden your horizons.


If you follow these tips, hopefully you'll find yourself in classes interest you. Good luck with fall enrollment, collegiettes!