The Top 3 Benefits of Joining an On-Campus Organization


Photo via HerCampus SMU's Instagram


Your time is precious, especially in college. You have to be picky about what you choose to put on your plate. This can make people reluctant to join on-campus organizations because the varying levels of commitment, time and effort needed can be daunting. But here are some benefits you should take into consideration.

1. Building Your Resume

Starting with the obvious, being involved on campus looks great to potential employers. It should be enough to get your degree and get out, but getting into some things that aren’t literally demanded of you shows that you have passion. Being an active member or, even better, a part of the governing body of an organization will at the very least leave you with plenty of transferable skills you can use to beef up your resume.

2. Making Connections

Beyond the important business connections you’ll make with like-minded peers, you’ll be in the right place to make lifelong friends. In your classes it may be that half the class enrolled to fill a UC requirement, and the other half is hyper-focused on avoiding eye contact with the professor so they can keep pretending they did the readings. Clubs and organizations are a place where you can be sure that everyone is there because they find joy in something that brings you joy, which is an excellent way to find what may very well be your future wedding party.

3. Having Fun

In between classes and part-time jobs and internships and trying to squeeze a nap in so your body doesn’t shut down, college can be a very hectic experience. So, when it’s time to make cuts, it’s easy to let things that you genuinely enjoy fall by the wayside. Joining an organization is an easy way to make a commitment to yourself to do something you genuinely enjoy once in a while without feeling guilty about it, since it comes with so many practical benefits.

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