Self-Care Ideas for Midterm Season

If your workload has been anything like mine these past few weeks, you’re probably in need of some tips on how to actually take a solid hour out of the day to focus on yourself. Me and my friends have all been experiencing a serious case of burnout – I’m not sure if midterms have been extra hard this year, the workload is just more, no spring break, or a combination of all three. Whatever the case, it’s important to allow yourself to take breaks during this half-way point in the semester, and make sure that you’re not sacrificing your mental health for all the work that’s on your plate. Here are some tips that are currently helping me get through all of my midterms!

  1. 1. Spend time with your friends 

    white long sleeve shirt sitting on grass

    This sounds so simple, but if you’re really exhausted and have been at your work for hours, maybe try asking a friend to go grab food or just go sit outside and talk! If you’re feeling stressed, chances are that talking to someone and getting your mind off it for an hour will help.

  2. 2. Work out 

    woman instructing another woman with workout

    Just getting your body moving can be a great way to alleviate any pent-up stress. For me, yoga or a light jog always helps me focus on myself while still feeling productive. 

  3. 3. Read

    hand holding book open

    Something that I’ve found really relaxes and takes my mind off of my stress is just reading a book I actually enjoy that’s not for school. If it’s a pretty day, I’ll take it outside, too!

  4. 4. Make a playlist 

    Spotify on iPhone

    This is an oddly specific thing that always makes me feel better when I’m overwhelmed. I’ll just pick a random theme, make a playlist, and it will totally take my mind off of whatever I’m worried about for an hour.

  5. 5. Explore your spirituality 

    The background are leaves with the hot pink neon sign "breathe"

    I have some friends who have gotten really into meditation and crystals lately, and I’ve heard it’s a great way to implement a calm mindset and re-evaluate your past. This is definitely one I’m trying to do in the future!

  6. 6. Declutter

    woman working from home on laptop

    Making your living space look better can usually improve how you feel, too. Maybe take a ten-minute break from studying to tidy up your desk! It always makes me feel less anxious. 

  7. 7. Digital detox 

    Woman on instagram

    This is something that can be really difficult, but just turning off your phone (or even notifications) for an hour can really make your life feel less hectic and give you time to focus on yourself. Taking a break from social media can be especially calming.


These are just some things that I’ve found are super helpful for de-stressing when midterms are at their peak. They may not work for everyone, but the most important thing is to take time to focus on yourself!