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Quarantine may have given you a few extra pounds and we know its hard to stay motivated when all we do is sit at home. Use this time as an opportunity for you to get a little bit more active! Here are some tips to make workouts more enjoyable, more effective, and most importantly actually happen. 

Set a routine

Setting a routine is the most important part of a consistent and healthy workout schedule. Pick a time and day and stick to it. I like to pick one class and consistently go after that class, for example, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, after my 2pm class. If you treat your workout like another class or something that is permanently part of your schedule, you will be much more motivated to go. This helps eliminate skipping the gym if you're just not feeling it. 

Know what you're doing

A great way to make the gym less intimidating,and avoid injury, is to create a workout plan for yourself. Watch some videos and write down a list of your favorite and most effective exercises. Its also important to listen to your body, and find workouts that won't contribute to past injuries. It will also help if you have multiple routines that you switch between, that way your body doesn't feel the repeated impact. If you're unsure about how to use a machine, ask an SMU trainer, or look it up. 

Make it fun

If you are really not feeling a work out one day, try a form of exercise that's unconventional and more enjoyable. Try a zumba or dance class, this will boost your energy and get your endorphins pumping. You could also try getting a change of scenery and take a jog outside, instead of on a treadmill. Another fun thing is to turn your workout into a game, try playing soccer, or basketball with a friend. 

Workout App

Try a work out app, if can be the next best thing to going to a class, and will keep you motivated. Peloton has launched an app that is available to everyone, for a monthly fee, with no need to have purchased one of their products. The app contains full workout classes and instructional videos for everything from stretching and yoga, to high intensity interval training. Its a great way to stay motivated because its as if you were in a class, and lets you tailor your workout to what your body needs. Although their app costs $12.99 monthly for a single person membership, it's way cheaper than any trendy workout class, and you won't have to adhere to a schedule. 

Quick and easy ab workout

If you just don't have time to make it to the gym one day, a 10 minute ab workout is a good way to feel good and stay toned. Make a list of your six favorite ab workouts and run through reps. If you have an app like Peloton they have great videos u can exercise with like a class. The great part about this is you can do it on the ground in your room, I like to do it with friends while we wait for a pizza delivery.

I hope these help you stay more motivated and create an actual work out schedule that works for you!

Grace is a freshman at Southern Methodist University, majoring in Fashion Media. Born in Seattle and raised in San Fransisco, Grace loves cities and the amazing culture that comes with them. A few of her favorite things are art and fashion, and she loves exploring museums.
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