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Navigating Dining Halls For Picky Eaters

Being a self-declared queen of picky eaters – and an 11-year vegetarian – a big concern of mine when coming to college was navigating the dining halls. While you may have unlimited swipes, that doesn’t necessarily mean unlimited options. Here are a few easy, adaptable, snacks and meals for when you can’t stomach another slice of dining hall pizza.


Making toast is easy enough, just pick your favorite bread! At the burger and sandwich station there’s a variety of spreads. I like the avocado mash or hummus on top of my toast for a midday snack or light lunch. I add salt and pepper as well as cucumbers and cherry tomatoes from the salad station, for a super healthy, hearty snack. Peanut butter toast with banana and honey is a delicious breakfast and can also can satisfy a sweet tooth. 

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast can be limited for me, but when I get really bored, I like to switch it up with a breakfast burrito! Grab a wrap from the sandwich station and fill it with all your breakfast favorites, or get a custom scramble. I highly recommend egg whites, cheese, potatoes, spinach and a little bit of hot sauce. 

Find your staples 

The taco bar is super versatile, and the staff is always willing to accommodate dietary restrictions. Additionally, rice and beans are healthy staples that can easily be dressed up with toppings from the wrap and salad bar.


Create a delicious protein-filled salad with ingredients from the taco bar. Adding cico de gallo, corn and beans over lettuce with cheese and toppings of your choice is a super healthy and delicious way to shake up a salad. 


Nachos are a great way to spice up the typical tex-mex station! Ask for queso and beans over chips and add toppings of your choice. 

Pasta Salad

You can make a delicious pasta salad by getting pasta from the stir fry station and adding vegetables to it. Also, I like to add peas, corn, feta, olive oil and carrots from the salad station with a little salad for a great lunch or dinner meal.

Ice Cream Sandwiches 

An ice cream sandwich is a decadent treat for when I’m craving something sweet! Grab cookies from the dessert station and fill them with ice cream for a sugary dessert. 

Grace is a freshman at Southern Methodist University, majoring in Fashion Media. Born in Seattle and raised in San Fransisco, Grace loves cities and the amazing culture that comes with them. A few of her favorite things are art and fashion, and she loves exploring museums.
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