Meet SMU's 2016 Homecoming King Alec Bucshon

This year of Homecoming was a blast, and the Homecoming court was no exception. Our winners this year were Madison McKay of Chi Omega for Homecoming Queen, and Alec Bucshon of Kappa Alpha Order for Homecoming King. We were lucky enough to sit down with Alec and talk all about his experience with Homecoming, SMU and the future. 


Her Campus SMU: How do you feel about being elected Homecoming King?

Alec Bucshon: I feel incredibly honored to have been elected homecoming king. I wouldn't have believed it if you told me I was going to be elected freshman year. 

HCSMU: What’s a fun fact about your state Louisiana that no one else knows?

AB: Louisiana has the tallest state capitol building in the U.S., with 34 floors.

HCSMU: What’s your personal “Road Trip Home to SMU”—what brought you here to this great school?

AB: I'm originally from Evansville, Indiana, and had family friends who encouraged me to come visit. When I came to campus, I absolutely loved it and decided to come here.

HCSMU: What’s your favorite things about SMU? 

AB: I love all the people that go here, it was one of my main reasons for coming to SMU when I visited.

HCSMU: How are you involved on campus?

AB: I serve as a resident assistant in Boaz Commons, I've been a TA for Intro to Finance for two semesters now, and I was vice president of Kappa Alpha Order.

HCSMU: Favorite thing about Homecoming?

AB: I love the building of the float because it brings our fraternities, sororities, and organizations together into one close space where everyone is having fun but a little stressed out.

HCSMU: Riding on the float- fun or scary? 

AB: I had a great time riding on the float, it was awesome to have such a large amount of people watching the parade. 

HCSMU: What’s the best thing to do on the Boulevard?

AB: I enjoy talking to all of my friends that I don't get to see throughout the week. The free food is also something to take advantage of.

HCSMU: What’s your next road after SMU?

AB: I'll be heading down to Houston for a job that I got from an internship over the summer.

HCSMU: Favorite SMU memory?

AB: Going to the top of the football stadium and hanging out with my friends overlooking the Dallas skyline.