This is How You Should Organize All Of Your Big/Little Stuff

Congratulations on your new sorority big!  Now, what are you going to do with all that new stuff?

Bins are a huge part of sorority life and nothing is more exciting than sorting through all the crazy things your big stuffed in there. Your big totally spoiled you. The millions of t-shirts are exciting - some even hilarious if you’re lucky enough to have any that date back to the 90s – but there’s one problem. Your t-shirt drawer is already filled to the brim, how can you possibly add more?

1. If your bed is not already lofted, do it. Put that monster of a plastic bin underneath there and don’t pull it out again until you start packing up in May.

2. If you have room to do so, buy more plastic drawers. The dresser SMU gave you is so tiny, adding extra drawers like these from Walmart will definitely help you store all of those new shirts.

3. If you’re lucky enough to live close by, make a quick run home and take back all of your old shirts you originally brought to college. If you are from out of town, start stuffing your suitcase with extra shirts each trip home.

4. Again, if you’re lucky you might have a car on campus. The trunk is a perfect place to store your bin and any unwanted gifts. When you pack up to go back home after the semester is over, half of your packing has already been done.

5. Your big probably is about to live off of campus or already has a storage unit somewhere near campus. Give her a hug, tell her there is no way you can get all of this back home on a plane, and ask her to hold onto it until you get back.