How To: Spice Up Your Summer Lip Color

If you're still wearing plum-colored lipstick in May, I'm happy you came across this article. Because hello, it's summer! Which means that only brights and nudes are what's in. It makes sense because who wants to wear mauve when you're wearing a bright sundress. The thing is, not all colors might be your type. And you might not think brights look good on you, which might be you need a less pigmented kind depending on your skin tone. We compiled a list of gorgeous lip colors you all should invest in for the summer. 

Estee Lauder, Frosted Apricot: This is the perfect coral lip color and looks good on all skin tones. This specific lipstick has a long-lasting satin finish. It could be easy to put on after you slip into a white sundress on the beach. You can find this in almost any department store.

Burberry Lip Velvet Lipstick, Dusty Pink No. 406: You can never ever go wrong with a dusty pink on your lips. It's so subtle and sweet and could really compliment your summer tan. This one is the perfect shade of baby pink and is a non-drying matte lipstick! You can find this at Sephora!

Chanel Rosy Pink Lipstick: If you want to go for the whole rosy look given it's summer, this gorgeous shade of pink will make you look like you were plucked out of a garden. This color can be found at any department store.

MAC, Velvet Teddy: This is the perfect nude color for a darker skin tone. It's a little more pigmented and darker so it might drown out paler skin but if you get a summer tan, it could compliment you instead. At only $17, this lipstick is a bargain and a best-seller! 

MAC, Blankety: If you're on the paler side, this nude can really compliment your skin. It's a lighter shade of nude so it will actually look nude. This lipstick is a matte finish so it's a really gorgeous combo. Again, only $17!

Smashbox, Brains 'N Bronze: If you want to step outside of the box, this rusty red color is to die for! This chrome red that would look so nice during a night out, everybody will be asking what's on your lips. You can get this at Sephora for $24!

Givency, Deep Fushcia Red: If you want that perfect summer pop of red, you found it. Givenchy perfected it's bright red with this shade and has a satin finish. It's even shown to make your lips appear bigger due to the bright hue reflecting light. It's $34 at Sephora!